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Kel-Star Consulting, Best Money Strategies, and the Greenbelt Business & Financial Resource Center are hosting a

This event will provide critically important information for 1st-time real estate investors as well as the sophisticated and more seasoned investor. Our panel experts will share creative, innovative and little-known investment strategies that will allow you to create generational wealth through real estate investment. We will cover a broad range topics and investment strategies to include:

-- Make, Keep, Grow and Protect your portfolio
-- Bank lines of credit for real estate investment
-- Performing and nonperforming bank notes
-- Finding off-market deals using bank notes
-- Single family real estate investments
-- Multi-family real estate investments
-- Commercial real estate investments
-- Tax-free investment strategies
-- Creative fix and flip strategies

Register for this event at:


NOBLE DAVIS - Commercial Real Estate Expert

As a 17 year full time Realtor, licensed in the state of Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia, Mr. Noble Davis has assisted individuals, families, and businesses in the purchase, sale, and lease of residential and commercial real estate.

Noble's objectives in commercial real estate is to assist his clients and customers to make better investment decisions by applying state-of-the-art real estate analysis tools to quantify investment returns while helping them to measure the impact of federal taxation and financial leverage on the cash flow from acquisition, ownership and disposition phases of real estate investments.

MANNY GATHERS- Real Estate Bank Note Expert

Emanuel (Manny) Gathers is a Real Estate Note Investor. Mr. Gathers runs his own Financial Education and Services business. His Clients trust him to provide detailed analysis and action steps in creating, growing and protecting wealth (multi-million dollars of capital) . His primary Wealth Building Strategy is using Real Estate Notes to achieve high, double-digit returns with very low and controlled risk. Manny's philosophy is that "The pinnacle of real estate investing is in the Note Industry. Owning Notes simply means that you are the Bank in the transaction and you are in control of driving the desired outcome." Manny teaches Investors how to implement a safer system for building wealth using atypical real estate investing strategies.

Manny's career includes 20 years of active service in the United States Marine Corps where he managed 500+ Marines during routine and war time operations. Manny also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Operations Management, and MBA from The University of Maryland and is Lean Six Sigma certified, 

DEIRDRE P. BROWN, J.D. - Settlement Agent

Deirdre P. Brown is a graduate of the University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clarke School of Law and is licensed as a settlement agent in DC, MD and VA. Deirdre has established herself as an exceptional and trusted real estate partner. Deirdre is well known in the real estate investment community as someone who works closely with developers and investors on opportunity analysis, property acquisition and strategy implementation in both established and developing markets. Deirdre prides herself on providing clients with not just a single service, but rather an all-encompassing experience tailored to their specific real estate needs. Deirdre's education, Licenses and certifications include:

  • Bachelors degree; University of Maryland University College

  • Juris Doctor; The University of the District of Columbia, David A. Clark School of Law

  •  Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for ANC 3F04

  • Licensed Settlement Agent in DC, MD and VA

  • Real Estate Salesperson in DC and MD

  • Notary Public in DC, MD and VA

  • Member of the GCAAR Education Committee

EDWARD E. FELDER MBA- Financing Expert

Edward Felder Jr. aka “The Funding Guy” is a best-selling author and is quickly being recognized as one of America’s premier lending experts. Mr. Felder as a principal of Supplier Funding, Inc. a boutique commercial lending finance firm based in Tampa, Florida where he’s leveraged his skills in identifying, analyzing and restructuring troubled commercial real estate assets to deliver over $350 million in funding. Mr. Felder expanded the range of services his firm offers by creating a commercial real estate brokerage firm that specializes in acquiring and liquidating distressed income producing properties from financial institutions.
Edward’s passion is educating small and emerging firms on how to easily secure funding on larger more profitable projects evidenced by the release of his debut book, It’s Money In The Bank: 7 Insider Tips To Financing Any Small Biz, as well as his more recently authored books The Art of the Flip: 21 Days to Real Estate Riches and Let Them Eat Cake: Haters Gonna Hate, Bankers Gonna Deny, YOU BUILD WEALTH!

KELVIN B. HARRIS - Moderator

Kelvin B. Harris is owner and founder of Kel-Star Consulting. Kel-Star Consulting is a fully integrated wealth strategy management firm. Kel-Star provides a variety of business and financial services to its client under a business aggregation business model. Through the companies core services and strategic alliances, Kel-Star offers strategic solutions and services in the following areas: business formulation, business credit, private financing, self-banking, tax mitigation, real estate investment, private pensions, lifetime income and tax-free retirement planning.


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