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NOWaccount is the payment system for B2B that is redefining the way businesses get paid.  With NOWaccount you can get paid immediately in a way that feels like taking a credit card, even when your customer requires an invoice. It works just like accepting a credit card for payment, but the customer still gets your invoice and pays according to their "NET PAYMENT" schedule. NOWaccount is not debt (not a loan and never booked as a liability). It costs the same or less than accepting a credit card but can be used when your customer won't offer a credit card for payment.


NOWaccount vs Factoring


  • You choose which customers to put on your NOWaccount

  • You know the cost upfront one-time, flat fee based on the terms on the invoice, not when or if the customer pays.

  • We don't notice your customers; they still remit payment to you, they simply send it to a lockbox (PO Box or bank account for electronic payments)

  • NOWaccount is "non-recourse," you are not charged back if your customer doesn't pay (you are responsible for delivering the product or service)

  • There is no long-term contract. You can add or remove customers at will; you just can't resubmit a customer for 12 months after you remove them

  • There is no minimum volume requirement


NOWaccount is:



When you select NOWaccount Immediate Payment, you're paid immediately, minus a one-time, flat 3% merchant fee it feels just like accepting a credit card for payment!



It takes just 2 minutes to join the NOW Network and a few days for membership approval and NOWaccount activation. The NOWaccount Payment System is as easy to use as a regular payment option.



When using the NOWaccount Payment System, you choose how and when you want to get paid on invoices to your approved customers.

  • NOWaccount Immediate Payment  

  • NOWaccount Payment Guarantee

  • NOWaccount Traditional Payment



When using the NOWaccount Payment System, you can get paid within 5 business days, so you no longer have to worry about when or if you'll be paid for the goods and services you've delivered.



NOW Network members pay a $250 annual membership fee, and there are no enrollment or monthly service charges for access to the NOWaccount Payment System.The NOWaccount Payment System merchant service fees are the same or less than traditional credit card merchant service fees, and they're based on the terms of the invoice, not when or if your customer pays.  You can choose which transactions you want to be paid immediately for, which ones you want to guarantee payment on but not receive immediate payment for, and which ones you simply want to process as usual, with no change in timing or risk.


Choose From 3 NOWaccount Payment Options



With NOWaccount Immediate Payment, you are paid within 5 business days for a flat, one-time merchant service fee of:  

  • 3.00% for up to Net 30

  • 3.25% for up to Net 60

  • 3.50% for up to Net 90

  • 1.00% surcharge for your customers outside the US and Canada.



With NOWaccount Guaranteed Payment, you get paid as soon as the customer pays the invoice, but if the customer doesn't pay, NOW will pay the invoice in full.

  •   One-time, flat fee of 1.25%.

  • 1.00% surcharge for your customers outside the US and Canada.



With NOWaccount Traditional Payment, you receive payment if and when the customer pays the invoice.  The payment is processed through the NOWaccount lockbox.

  •   Flat $5/invoice administration fee















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