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Kel-Star Consulting and the Prosperity Business & Financial Resource Center are hosting the next SMALL BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURS FORUM. This event will offer timely and practical information on subjects of interest to budding entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. Our panel of successful business experts will cover a broad range of topics like:

Networking for Business Success
Business Marketing and Branding
Business Development Strategies
Business Financing Concepts & Principles
Business Opportunities with the Government and the Private Sector


Register for this event at:


FRANCES REIMERS - Business & Individual Marketing and Branding

Frances is the Founder of Firestater, a personal brand consultancy located in Alexandria, VA. Firestarter helps athletes, celebrities, and professional service providers to develop, manage, enhance, and protect a key professional asset: their personal brands. Frances is also the host of “Let’s Talk Personal,” a weekly radio show on WLVS that focuses on personal branding and living in an online world.


Prior to launching Firestarter, Frances was the Director of Corporate Visibility for PCI, a marketing and creative production agency. For PCI she led business and client development, managing over $2M in annual revenue. Through her content marketing and digital strategy efforts, she has tripled the agency’s website traffic, while also overseeing projects for many clients such as the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation, Washington Nationals, the Department of Transportation, and Xcel Energy.


Frances is a popular speaker for organizations across the country, including Virginia Tech’s Department of Communications where she guest lectures each semester. Frances currently serves on the Advisory Boards for the Columbia Lighthouse for the Blind, the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger (NFESH), and the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Frances was recently featured last year in an advertorial in the Washington Business Journal, has contributed to an article in the March 2014 edition of O Magazine, and was featured on CNN’s Live with Piers Morgan.


Frances is a 2016 recipient of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce’s 40 Under 40 award.

TALAYIA KELLEY- International Business Consultant

Talayia Kelley is the Chief Executive Officer of Virtegrity Management Consulting and the founder of the Prosperity By Design Network which is an International Network that teaches skills and techniques that help people create Prosperity in their lives. Additionally, Talayia is an Entrepreneur and International Financial Strategy Consultant with decades of experience working with organizations to maximize their operations and global growth. Developing financial strategies and maximizing an organizations efficiency and effectiveness is her passion and gift 


Talayia is also the Author of the forthcoming book series entitled “Non-Negotiable Prosperity”.  She is guided by the principle of aligning your Mind, your Mouth, and your Heart. Talayia is passionate about business and equally as passionate about holding herself and clients to a standard of excellence. Her love of business architecture has placed her in board rooms with top executives of large international companies and government agencies world-wide. She enjoys volunteering and mentoring young women through the Voyage To Virtue Organization.


Talayia received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Finance from Metropolitan College of New York and her Executive M.B.A. in International Business and Finance from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.  She has studied abroad in China and served as a Young Diplomat to Israel. 

DAWN PETERS - Business Networking Guru

Dawn Peters is CEO & owner of ConneXion Hub. She is a top executive, an International coach, and personal development veteran turned entrepreneur, mentor, and ‘Ultimate Connector!’ She is passionate about empowering others to be successful, which she does in her own unique and highly effective way through a ‘multitouch’ connection, marketing, & promotion platform.


Her ‘power of connecting’ stems from her move here to The States, from England, in 2000. When Dawn arrived here she knew two people. Now her network is now over 300k! She has networked extensively with diverse groups over the years…having been in corporate America, media entities sat on non-profit boards, participated in national speaker networks, as well as multiple business conferences and networks.


She has 2 distinct passions that have shaped her business success:  Her love of people, and their stories  Her gift for networking & connecting


She has leveraged these into her high-level business networking events, online Magazine, and Partnership Program, where she is passionately and effectively taking businesses to their next level of success! She has been featured on WJLA, WUSA9, USTV, Emeril Lagasse; been the speaker at Deloitte, Exxon Mobil, Wells Fargo, & NIH, as well as a contributing author in two books and two magazines

ROBERT SLAWINSKI - Certified Financial Educator

Robert Slawinski is a Christian, husband, father, practicing entrepreneur and former CEO of a government contracting business. Robert was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. And after serving just over 11 years in the U. S. Air Force, with three combat tours, Robert began his career as a business owner. Robert utilized his skills as a programmer/system engineer to start an Enterprise Management company supporting the Department of Defense contracts. After running his business for ten years, he happily sold it in preparation to start a new business with his wife Racquel in Financial Services. Robert and Racquel have been successfully running their business for just over six years together and is has been amazing, not only for the people they help educate about money but also for their family. Robert and Racquel have a beautiful little girl Emma. Robert is passionate about his mission to provide financial literacy. He also loves to watch Buckeye games with his daughter, and fish whenever time permits, and travel the world with his family.  

KELVIN B. HARRIS - Moderator

Kelvin B. Harris is owner and founder of Kel-Star Consulting. Kel-Star Consulting is a fully integrated wealth strategy management firm. Kel-Star provides a variety of business and financial services to its client under a business aggregation business model. Through the companies core services and strategic alliances, Kel-Star offers strategic solutions and services in the following areas: business formulation, business credit, private financing, self-banking, tax mitigation, real estate investment, private pensions, lifetime income and tax-free retirement planning.


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