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Kel-Star Consulting and the Prosperity Business & Financial Resource Center are hosting the next SMALL BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURS FORUM III. This event will offer timely and practical information on subjects of interest to budding entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. Our panel of successful business experts will cover a broad range of topics like:

Building a Global Business
Business Marketing and Branding
Business Development Strategies
Business Financing Concepts & Principles
Aligning Personal and Organizational Goals
Managing a Business's most important asset, it's people

Register for this event at:


MELANIE GAMBLE - Author, Speaker & Real Estate Expert

Melanie Gamble is an author, speaker, real estate expert and entrepreneur. As the owner of two RE/MAX franchises and 212 Degrees Realty, LLC, Melanie delights in being surrounded by a team of highly trained and committed Realtors® who serve the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia markets. 

Helping people to own and keep their homes is not only a business endeavor but a personal passion and a spiritual mission for her. As a cancer survivor, Melanie is acutely aware of how precious life and time are for all of us; she seeks to help others realize their dreams and make the most of what they are given.

A two-time graduate of Florida A&M University, Melanie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice and Master’s Degree in Public Administration. While in graduate school, Melanie became the first woman and youngest Executive Director of the Florida Conference of Black State Legislators. Her proudest moment came during the 1994 legislative session when she had the opportunity to work with the descendants of Rosewood. She lobbied exceptionally hard for the introduction and passage of the Rosewood bill, which awarded the descendants of Rosewood, FL over 3 million dollars in reparations. 

Melanie is a John C. Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher, and Speaker who is committed to helping all women regardless of their age, race or socioeconomic status. In addition to her busy work life, she regularly volunteers at organizations dedicated to children, women and health, including Doctor’s Community Hospital, Children’s Miracle Network and her own non-profit, Esther’s Closet, which donates new and gently used prom gowns and accessories to young women. 
Melanie is author of the book, “Unintended Consequences – The Great Recession’s Impact on Communities of Color” and she is co-author with renowned author and coach Jack Canfield in the book “The Big Secret.” 

When Melanie gets those rare, precious moments of “me time”, she enjoys cozying up to a good book, shopping, and giving herself a little spa rejuvenation. She’s eternally grateful to her husband Jay, who has always had the strength to allow her to shine and flourish, being a true partner and friend along the way. Melanie and Jay enjoy life with their three sons in Maryland.

STEVEN ANTHONY  - Investment Holdings, Crowd Funding & Sports Management

Steven is an accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur and Board Member, with more than fifteen years success across the banking, finance, and hospitality industries. Leveraging extensive experience helping companies realize their growth potential by identifying business opportunities, he is a valuable asset for small to midsize companies looking to take the next step in growth. His broad area of expertise include financial analysis, strategic partnerships, sales and marketing, raising capital and team building. 

Steven is the Founder and President of Anthony Global Holdings Inc., which is an investment holding company that holds businesses in a variety of industries around the world in both established and growth-oriented businesses. The goal is building companies and helping them realize their true growth potential and this is done by uncovering value in identifying great business opportunities and employing strategic capital as well as operating and marketing support. The focus is on putting great management teams in place to build their portfolio companies, create new business opportunities and make acquisitions that meet the mission to support long term strategies to enhance the communities in which they work.
A few of those businesses include international sports agency, Global Sports Management, which has seen tremendous growth since the start and is dedicated to helping athletes who compete internationally realize their maximum earning potential. Another is Turning Point Capital which is a commercial real estate financing company that helps clients develop strategic financing options for their real estate investment needs. 

Steven holds a B.A. degree in Business Administration from Dillard University in New Orleans, LA as well as an M.A. in Real Estate from Georgetown University. He currently sits on the board for the AGH Foundation which is a nonprofit that seeks to empower individuals and communities through 3 principles focusing on education, the arts and social empowerment. He has been featured as a guest speaker for numerous events on small business financing and real estate crowdfunding. 

ADELLA TOULON - Attorney, Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Technology


Adella Toulon-Foerster is a legal consultant, as well as an entrepreneur and financial professional. Adella co-founded an innovative company in 2001, which built online gold-backed payment systems, providing her with expertise on technology that forms the basis of the money ecosystem. She has years of experience in financial regulations, compliance programs, money transmitter laws, and FinCen requirements and guidance.

Adella currently works in the financial technical practice at Cogent Law Group with companies from the start-up stage to exit and acquisition. A legal professional focused on financial services and digital currencies, Adella has expertise in the Banking Secrecy Act ("BSA"), Anti-Money Laundering ("AML"), and Know Your Customer ("KYC") rules. She also specializes in Financial Crimes Enforcement Network ("FinCEN") requirements and guidance, written and ongoing AML compliance programs, state-by-state money transmitter laws and lincensure requirments, as well as Blockchain-like platforms and Bitcoin.


In 2001, Adella co-founded an innovative company, LongLever Consulting gold-backed payment systems. She is both a legal and financial professional interested in Bitcoin, crytpocurrencies, the blockchain, and the budding legislation and regulation surrounding these new technologies. As a result of Adella's passions, cutting-edge financial services has been the focus of her career since her work with digital coin currencies in the early 2000's.

DONNELL JOHNS- Human Capital Improvement


Donnell Johns is the President and CEO of Avision Worldwide Leadership Management Consulting Firm. He is an innovative, strategic thinker with proven success in executing critical business objective, making teams successful, and facilitating collaborative decision making and planning. He has an intense focus on human capital improvement, learning, performance, and organizational development with over 26 years’ experience in a variety of market sectors.

Donnell is business coach and Certified Lean Six Sigma process improvement Black belt.   Donnell is an active member of the Prince William County Chamber of Commerce. Donnell spent 26 years in the Army as a human resource professional and recruiting and retention Command Sergeant Major. Throughout his career, Donnell excelled at developing highly effective, individuals, teams, and organizational initiatives to their full potential and exceeding critical goals.  

In his spare time, Donnell is committed to preparing his son Donnell Jr. to achieving greatness. Donnell Jr’s near term goal of attending West Point and ultimate goal of become a doctor.

KELVIN B. HARRIS - Moderator & Wealth Strategy Manager

Kelvin B. Harris is owner and founder of Kel-Star Consulting. Kel-Star Consulting is a fully integrated wealth strategy management firm. Kel-Star provides a variety of business and financial services to its client under a business aggregation business model. Through the companies core services and strategic alliances, Kel-Star offers strategic solutions and services in the following areas: business formulation, business credit, private financing, self-banking, tax mitigation, real estate investment, private pensions, lifetime income and tax-free retirement planning.


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